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6/16: A little fine tuning to Shipping cost structure

One of the most critical components of knife sales these days is shipping.  Nobody wants their knife to show up in a rolled up bubble envelope.  Nobody wants to pay as much for shipping as they do the knife.  And, to be brutally honest, free shipping is a gimmick these days – but it is prevalent, so we play along trying to be as transparent as possible.  Also, there was a time where there was a large difference in First Class versus Priority versus Express.  There is still a good price difference these days, but typically Express is one day faster than Priority and two days faster than First Class.  So, we have greatly complicated our lives by restructuring your shipping options to allow for all three levels on many knives.  Generally, any single knife under $75 will have the option of all three and any purchase over $75 will have the option of Priority or Express.  All knives still get shipped in a box with tracking; and small boxes will be shrink wrapped as always.

11/3: Cost of Living for Knife Nuts Creeping Up

Well made knives seem borderline expensive these days.  I guess all prices go up over time, but we don’t have to like it!  It seems to me that prices have risen nearly 20% over the last five years.  Taking the same GEC pattern and charting it over time shows consistent increases in pricing.  My concern is that we don’t get to the point that they are not the value that they are today; because prices are hard to move down at the factory given everything else is equal.  But the silver lining is that the tide raises all ships – so those knives in the display, vault, or dresser top are worth a bit more as well.

9/25: MAPP Versus Member Pricing

These days MAPP (minimum advertised pricing policy) has become prevalent with knife manufacturers.  We are not fans, because we believe the makers should make the knives and let the dealers sell the knives.  In most cases the MAPP price has more margin built in than we feel is necessary.  In our discussions with our legal counsel, we have determined that this “advertised” pricing policy does not have force once our customers become CollectorKnives website members.  Thus, always login before shopping; as we will offer our members a lower price on any items that the MAPP pricing includes more margin than is necessary.

8/4: Guaranteed Reservations

Just a fair warning.  Lately the “no-show” rate on Guaranteed Reserves has gotten very high; and this is skewing our entire factory ordering system.   The old Early Reserve system was great; but it had its shortcomings on secondary functions.  One such function was spotting customers that put in a “Sure” reservation, but never actually purchased the product.  The new site is greatly improved since the reservations and the purchases are made on the same site.  Long story short; don’t put a “Sure” reservation on a knife unless you are “Sure” you can pick it up.  Because the new system IS going to flag these and lock those out of future “Sure” reservations.  There are always valid reasons not to show up; but to be fair to everyone involved we will have to start enforcing this.  Obviously there will be some way to get back in good standing, but we will have to figure that out as we go forward.

7/27: Early Reserves

No, we did not throw all of the Early Reservations away when we moved to the new system ;>  The old system still exists for all reservations made prior to 7/23/17; and the new system will be used from that point on.  Once all knives on the old system have been produced as normal, we will dismantle it.

7/24: New Website and getting settled in.

Welcome to the new website.  We want to try and answer some of the questions that will surely come up with the migration.

We did not transfer accounts for several reasons.  Thus you will want to create a new account here as soon as possible.   Once you have created the account, if you had Store Credit, Reward Points, or Coupons intact on the old store; use the email links below to request manual transfer.  Although the Rewards system is not identical to the old system, we will be able to transfer any earned rewards points.  We have figured out a way to allow credit for the outstanding coupon does as well; but you will have to know those codes.

Transfer Store Credit
Transfer Reward Points
Transfer Coupon Code

*If any of the links don’t work for you, just send an email from the email account you are referencing to support@collectorknives.net with the subject above (Transfer <whatever>).  If Coupon, you will need to reference the old coupon code in the body of the email.

We have done months worth of development and testing to try and make this move as simple as possible.  But if you have any questions or concerns; or see something that doesn’t look right – do not hesitate to contact us.