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2023 Posts 5/30: Creating an Account Over the last few months we have had foreign accounts being created for no reason.  I can’t figure out why they are creating them, but it got bad enough they were doing a few hundred a night.  My guess is that by receiving an email from collectorknives.net (the account

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Discontinuing Rewards Accumulation

I know this may be met with a bit of aggravation – but I have no other choice at this point.  The software that we use has become wrought with bugs and it is taking too much work to keep it working smoothly.  We will keep the software in place for at least six months,

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Curbing the Secondary

It is really hard not to notice what is currently going on in the secondary markets for GEC products.  Although having knives that are highly sought after is a good problem to experience, we want to do everything possible to protect our customers that want current release GEC products for themselves. GEC has taken the

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Verifying Cutting Analytics

Remember the day when you sharpened your knife, shaved a few arm hairs, then put it work.  After a couple weeks you knew whether the knife was going to suit you or not.  Well, these days premium steels are coming at premium prices; and it is good to have those numbers independently verified in a

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get some crazy questions, as you can imagine.  But, mostly, we get the same questions on a daily basis.  So we will try and answer some of them here so you don’t have to take the time to call / email. Q: How do Rewards accrue?  How do I use them? A: You can

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“New Product” Notification System

Well, come to find out, it is not easy to communicate with customers instantaneously and simultaneously.  And if you think about how often I send newsletters, you will realize I am not really a communicator to start. If you want to know how we got here and other boring stuff, continue reading.  If you just

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GEC Allocation and Delivery Explained

Background: Over the last several years, Great Eastern Cutlery has become quite popular. Maybe not on the grand scheme of knife production; but for a small Titusville factory with around 30 employees. For the first several years only the smaller retailers sold GEC knives. I don’t know if the big boys didn’t have faith or

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Knife Pull Rating Goes (Somewhat) Scientific

In a somewhat obsessive fashion, I try to provide as much information in the description area as possible.  Having said that, I will admit that I am lazy, thus will never get around to fixing all the products that pre-date any one of my “enhancements”.  The latest tidbit of information that has bothered me is

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