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Curbing the Secondary

It is really hard not to notice what is currently going on in the secondary markets for GEC products.  Although having knives that are highly sought after is a good problem to experience, we want to do everything possible to protect our customers that want current release GEC products for themselves.

GEC has taken the position that it is not their job to police the market; and we are in total agreement with them.  Having dealers that have essentially become flippers has complicated the issue somewhat.  There are several that go straight to eBay at prices 300-400% of factory recommended pricing.  Some are disguised, some are very public about it.  But, nonetheless, the factory is not going to get involved in the market of their products after they leave the factory.

We have had several discussions with GEC about this issue.  They began a process last year of running larger production numbers of less variations such that the market could be more closely satisfied.  Covid and all the complications therein have hampered their plans; but they are still planning on implementing this possible solution.  It is our opinion that this may be the best solution to the problem.

We have always taken a very similar stance on “policing”.  We don’t want to try and monitor the market to see if our customers are “flipping” GEC knives.  But it has gotten to the point that we have customers that are buying from several dealers solely to take to the secondary market at ludicrous “Buy it now” prices.  So, we are going to begin implementing small measures to help assist our customers that want the knives for themselves.  Obviously, once a knife is sold – it is the customers to do with what they will.  But, we will start implementing restrictions on the Early Reserve System to curb reservations for those known to be largely purchasing for “flipping”.

Therefore, we would politely ask that if you have no desire to have a knife for yourself – please allow the next person to pick it up for their collection / use.  If you decide you have a knife reserved that you are not interesting in keeping, at least to see if it grows on you, please just let it go to the next person.  We only make this request for high demand knives that are in short supply.

We appreciate your support and your business.  And truly do not want to offend or regulate anyone.  But these small measures will be implemented to ensure that a wider swath of good customers get the knives in their hands and less are used as trade fodder or are flipped on the secondary for exorbitant prices that our customers will otherwise have to pay or do without.