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Small Business Blessings

Some know, some do not – but our son (Brenden) graduated high school last year in May and was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) the end of June 2019.  It was a devastating diagnosis to us even though it was the most common and most treatable type of leukemia.

He has handled the last 8 months much better than I would have.  There has been a couple close calls with all the damage the chemo does to his body.  The rest of the time is just varying degrees of misery.  But he is strong in his faith and has handled it beyond any expectation.

His mother has been right by his side during every treatment, hospital stay, and even keeping him comfortable while at home.  My job has been to maintain a home life for our daughter and pretty much pick up everything else that needs done.  You don’t realize what all a good wife does around a house until you have to pick up the slack.

We are now in remission and entering the “maintenance” phase of the treatment; which is essentially more chemo with increasingly longer times in between for recovery.  This will continue for another 30 months if everything stays on track.  Our hope is for him to be able to attend college in the fall and get started on the life God has chosen for him.

The reason for this post is simply to offer our heartfelt “Thank You” to our friends and customers that have continuously delivered well wishes, comforting thoughts, and heartfelt prayers on Brenden’s behalf.

It has not been easy maintaining a day to day life and small business during this time.  But knowing that our customers understand there may be delays or just slow service in general, has made this last year bearable.  If we can ever help you with anything; please let us know.

Below is Brenden’s graduation picture.  He has not allowed pictures of him since the middle of last year.  Hopefully we can again start capturing pictures of him in a few months.  The second picture is the best part of the group on our trip to Ireland last year.  We let Brenden pick where he wanted to go on vacation for his graduation.  We feel so blessed that we had this once in a lifetime vacation just weeks before the diagnosis.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the understanding and support.  Mike, Stacy, Brenden, and Mandy