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2023 Posts 5/30: Creating an Account Over the last few months we have had foreign accounts being created for no reason.  I can’t figure out why they are creating them, but it got bad enough they were doing a few hundred a night.  My guess is that by receiving an email from collectorknives.net (the account

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Small Business Blessings

Some know, some do not – but our son (Brenden) graduated high school last year in May and was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) the end of June 2019.  It was a devastating diagnosis to us even though it was the most common and most treatable type of leukemia. He has handled the last 8 months

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Knife Follies: Lotteries, Drops, and Early Reserves

For some reason there is a recent phenomenon in the knife market of mad rushes on speculative knife purchases; or as one customer called them – “lolly scrambles”. It is most obvious in my corner of the world on the TC Barlows.  Since each of 9+/- dealers share in a standard SFO run (500 knives),

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