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CollectorKnives Blog

Discontinuing Rewards Accumulation

I know this may be met with a bit of aggravation – but I have no other choice at this point.  The software that we use has become wrought with bugs and it is taking too much work to keep it working smoothly.  We will keep the software in place for at least six months, since points that exist will be valid for six months to our customers.  But on April 1, 2021 (not an April fools joke) we will turn off the accumulation of points towards rewards.  Then, probably at the end of the year after all points not used have expired – we will remove all visible components of the reward system.

If, in the future, we find a system that works as expected on our platform, we would love to try it again.   My apologies for those that found the rewards useful.  And hopefully we can provide enough incentives elsewhere that you will not be too aggravated with us.