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I grew up a country boy in south-central Oklahoma spending summers in the hay field and winters trapping. Don’t ask my mother about this, as she would say I grew up in front of a computer. But we all remember it differently I guess. My father owned a local feed & grain store in the 1980’s and I spent quite a bit of time there listening to the old farmers sit around eating “goobers”. There were several knife traders in the group, including the local pawn store owner and a couple folks that would pay their bills with a Case collector set if they couldn’t scrape the cash together. So dad’s booty at the store, and the conversations that took place in front of the winter fire got me started in the hobby that has meant so much to me.

I went to college and later took a chain of computer analyst jobs that were God sent, hindsight has made obvious to me. While I was making good money I rekindled my knife collecting hobby and had display cases stacked all over our little apartment in Los Calinas. At the age of 34 I moved back to Sulphur when my father was diagnosed with terminal renal cancer; to try and help with the farm and whatever needed done. Stacy and I had a two year old at the time and within a year had another on the way.

When you are accustomed to Dallas, Texas; Sulphur gets pretty slow. So I decided to start trading knives mainly just to “upgrade” what I had and maybe add a little to my collection. In 2004 it became obvious that I was too consumed by the hobby to fool myself any more and I opened up “CollectorKnives.Net”. It started slow, but my drive to provide American and German pocket knives at the lowest possible price – soon put me right in the middle of another “job”. So over time we have grown and now my son thinks he would like to take it over “after he retires from his computer job”.

We love the people and we love the hobby. We try very hard to be a “Mom and Pop” shop without feeling like a “Mom and Pop” shop. But we are flawed creatures and will need your patience just as all God’s creatures do. So let us know if we can ever help with anything or make your experience any better.


Mike, Stacy, Brenden, and Miranda Latham