Viper Hug

Hug is a folding knife with slipjoint system designed by Sacha Thiel, inspired by the Native model by Jared Oeser. As he suggests in the name, Viper wants to virtually hug all the fans of the world, given that the pandemic has prevented the usual meetings during international events. Hug is a compact folding knife with a peaceful temperament, designed to go with its owner every day, always ready to offer extraordinary cutting qualities thanks to its original Böhler M390 blade, elegantly satin-finished. Hug is available in thirteen variations, which match titanium, Micarta, carbon fiber or G10 with different ways, so as to adapt to the unique style of each enthusiast. The handle with liner and bolster is obtained by a single piece of titanium. Amont all the titanium versions stand out the original Wolf 3D processing and the new Dark matter carbon fiber handles Designed to always be in your pocket, Hug doesn’t have a clip, but a leather sheath.

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