Delivered Insurance


Delivery Insurance.  Each quantity is $100 insurance.  Thus, if you have $200 worth or product in the cart – make quantity of this item “2”.

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These days, people are just not as vigil as they once were.  So many times the carrier scans a package delivered, but it is nowhere to be found.  Sticky fingered neighbors, knife collecting carriers, unscrupulous scam artist, or just mis-delivered packages all are known to happen.  USPS Insurance will not pay a claim that was scanned delivered.  Once it is scanned delivered without any exception noted on the tracking record, the ownership transfers to the recipient.  If the package is lost in transit or is scanned by the carrier with a damage exception, CollectorKnives will be liable as long as the recipient assists in the claim affidavit.

We simply do not see lost packages any more.  But we are seeing an increase in “delivered” shipments being claimed as not delivered by our customers.  Thus we are implementing this add-on insurance as a self-insured policy against those disappearing deliveries.  We are not pocketing the money as we will take one of several steps to cover ourselves since we are taking additional liability.  Signature confirmation, Adult Signature Confirmation, or third party insurance protection are just a few examples.

The purchase price is for $100 insurance.  Thus, you set the quantity to the size of the cart products and we will take care of the rest.  For example, to insure a $200 order – the quantity should be “2”.