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Queen Current

We have really struggled with the best way to sell current Queen knives as the quality and finish has been fairly inconsistent.  We want to be able to provide you with Queen Cutlery products as they are a great company and great folks.  But they are going thru some production issues that cause knives, even in the same run, to vary greatly.  Thus, what we have decided to do is "grade" each knife that comes into our stock.  You will see what grades we have and be allowed to pick the level you feel is the best value.  You are perfectly welcome to send it back to the factory for any work you see fit, but we are selling it at the specific grade instead of sending it back ourselves since issues seem fairly prevelant.

Grade A :
This level is a knife that is in line with knives Queen was making 15 years ago. Action is fairly smooth and no significant fit and finish issues. Not perfect, but would make a good collectible or fully functional work knife.

Grade B :
This level is a knife that is in line with the quality and finish of the average current Queen product. Action may be a little rough and need flushing and there may be some minor cosmetic issues.

Grade C :
This level is a knife that is very functional but may have a little lower grade of quality and/or finish that the average product. Maybe a couple cosmetic issues. A good work knife, probably not one for the collection unless you want to send it in for correction.

Grade D :
This level is a knife that is more of a work knife and will have a couple of minor issues that does not effect the functionality, but not a collectible unless you want to send it back for correction. Probably should not have gotten past factory Quality Control.

Grade E :
This level is a knife that is actually defective. It is still a functional knife but definitely should not have left the factory. Noticeable play in blades or significant gaps, pin crack, etc.