Lon Humphrey Knives

Born from the bellows of a 100 year old tradition nearly lost in 2015, Lon Humphrey knives are made with a forge, anvil, hammer, and American muscle. Rustic when finished, but a razor sharp knife that flinches at no job and will last a lifetime. Check out the specs on these beasts!

Ever since he was a young boy, Lon has had a passion for creation and for making hand-crafted items. This passion continued to develop as he matured, and has now resurfaced as a full-fledged business dedicated to his love for knives and knife-making.

Each and every knife that comes out of Lon’s shop is hand-made, not manufactured by machines, and every part is homegrown and sourced from the USA, not from a foreign county. Lon’s priorities when it comes to the production of his knives lay directly with keeping stable jobs in the country.

Every one of Lon’s knives is backed by his outstanding craftsmanship and dedication to his field. The American Bladesmith Society has licensed Lon as an active member and as a journeyman. His work has withstood the test of time, and has shown to be irreplaceable and timeless. His rustic, signature finish is recognizable from every aspect, and it makes it easy to see why he has become such a tour de force in the knife world.

My market for these has just not built to the point where it is economical to stock them.  Thus, this category will be going away.  Be sure to login to get the best available price.

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