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Keep customers up to date, please!

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If you have been a CollectorKnives customer for very long, you realize our marketing communications are a bit lackluster.  It's not because we don't appreciate our customers, it is just because we don't want to become burdensome or "spammy".  Also, one thing I figured out a while back is that if a dealer is really pushing something; it is generally because the item can't sell itself.  But I do realize that we are in the information age and friends / customers want as much information as possible.

So, what we have and how to use it.

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest, and Instagram.  These are all great platforms, but for the most part, this is a one man show.  And this one man does not have time to produce and distribute content to various platforms every day.  Thus, we typically use these to introduce products just added to inventory.  I do communicate quite a bit on Facebook and like re-posting pictures on Instagram.  But most posts to the others are done automatically by YouTube and a tool called Hootsuite that distributes my posts to various social media platforms.

YouTube:  We try to make "360degree" videos when time allows that are simply a quick spin from all the angles around a particular model.  Not every different one, just one of each pattern.

CollectorKnives Newsletter: Yes, we do have a newsletter.  No, we do not find much stuff worthy of publishing in a newsletter.  Partly because we are lazy and partly because I get so sick of newsletters that are actually just marketing propaganda, that I just don't want to do that to my customers.  You can subscribe on the left hand column of nearly every page on our website.

CollectorKnives Blog: We do have a blog that is a bit different from other folks.  We have two ongoing blogs posts that we update periodically (Ongoing RamblingsThe Loading Dock).  The others are just when the mood and available time align; I will try to shed some let on a topic with a post.

The two that are the most interactive and will probably assist customers more than any other are the Early Reserve system and the RSS Feeds.

Early Reserve System:  This is a system wherein we will publish scheduled production runs of knives and allow customers to put their name on them way ahead of time.  There is also a spot where you can put your SMS capable phone number in the list to get immediate notifications when something is added to the schedule.

RSS Feeds: RSS feeds have been around a long time and are bit more complex.  You can use many tools to receive automatic updates when we do normal activities on the CollectorKnives website.  The great thing is that you will get these, even though we are too lazy to notify everyone ourselves.  It is built in to the website to notify you of "Recent News", "New Products", "Popular Products", and "Featured Products".  So if you want to know every time we add a product to the website, subscribe to the "New Products" feed.  You will have to have a "reader" such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Thunderbird, or many others that are explained here.  I personally use the "Feedly" app on my phone.

If you think there are better ways we could communicate or would be interested in taking over our communications department (for free); please let me know ;>