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Fight'n Rooster Cutlery

Fight'n Rooster Knives; the Carl Aug Meis and Friedrich Olbertz Factory has been continuously operating in the Solingen, Germany area since 1872. Cuz (Frank Buster) first visited the Olbertz Factory in 1975, Cuz contracted with them to make the Fight'n Rooster knives.  No knife brand comes close to the variety of the Fight'n Rooster Cutlery Company.  Most knives are works of art with the pearls being the nicest available.

Fight'n Rooster knives have really picked up a following lately; just as the supply has dwindled down to nothing.  We will try and bring them to you as long as possible, but the cost has really gone up on collections.  Also, we grade Fight'n Roosters very strictly.  Most of our Near Mint models would be sold as Mint at gun shows and other online resources.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Year Legend:
1st Gen
= Frank Buster Cutlery Co ==> Up until 1982
= Frank Buster Celebrated ==>  1982 until 1994
= Frank Buster & Son Celebrated ==> Since 1994