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Bulldog Cutlery

Bulldog brand knives have been one of the favorite work and collectible knives for the last 25 years.  Charlie Dorton, a perfectionist, first commissioned the Friedrich Olbertz factory in Solingen to produce Bulldog knives in 1978; and they were made in the same factory until a few years ago.  Bulldog Knives First Generation: (1978 - 1987) are one of the hottest collectibles in today's market and are getting very hard to find.  Charlie stopped producing knives in 1987 and no Bulldog knives were made until Jim Parker bought the Bulldog brand in 1991 (Second Generation) and had all parts finished out into products.  Bulldog Knives Third Generation (1993-1995) offered 17 of the finest patterns available to collectors in recent history; and was the first significant number of stainless Bulldog knives produced.  We are now into the 5th or 6th Generation of Bulldog Knives with the standing dog then the two dog heads; but recently Buzz has went back to the fighting dogs stamp due to collector acceptance.

They have made a few runs with the Bulldog Brand with Great Eastern Cutlery, but the German factory is no longer in the picture.  For me this is a sad day, and I had hoped for some time that there would be a re-introduction for the Olbertz folks.  But it appears as if this is a thing of the past.  Bulldog knives have never been red-hot collectibles; but have always been an exceptionally made knife.  The lack of these on the open market already speaks to the fact that those who appreciate quality are putting Bulldog knives back in collections.  Unless something happens, this fighting dogs page will be getting smaller and smaller as time passes.