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I grew up a country boy in south-central Oklahoma spending summers in the hay field and winters trapping.  Don't ask my mother about this, as she would say I grew up in front of a computer.  But we all remember it differently I guess.  My father owned a local feed & grain store in the 1980's and I spent quite a bit of time there listening to the old farmers sit around eating "goobers".  There were several knife traders in the group, including the local pawn store owner and a couple folks that would pay their bills with a Case collector set if they couldn't scrape the cash together.  So dad's booty at the store, and the conversations that took place in front of the winter fire got me started in the hobby that has meant so much to me.

I went to college and later took a chain of computer analyst jobs that were God sent, hindsight has made obvious to me.  While I was making good money I rekindled my knife collecting hobby and had display cases stacked all over our little apartment in Los Calinas.  At the age of 34 I moved back to Sulphur when my father was diagnosed with terminal renal cancer; to try and help with the farm and whatever needed done.  Stacy and I had a two year old at the time and within a year had another on the way.

When you are accustomed to Dallas, Texas; Sulphur gets pretty slow.  So I decided to start trading knives mainly just to "upgrade" what I had and maybe add a little to my collection.  In 2004 it became obvious that I was too consumed by the hobby to fool myself any more and I opened up "CollectorKnives.Net".  It started slow, but my drive to provide American and German pocket knives at the lowest possible price - soon put me right in the middle of another "job".  So over time we have grown and now my son thinks he would like to take it over "after he retires from his computer job".

We love the people and we love the hobby.  But we are flawed creatures and will need your patience just as all God's creatures do.  So let us know if we can ever help with anything or make your experience any better. 


Mike, Stacy, Brenden, and Miranda Latham


Older Testimonials
We recieve a lot of good feedback from our customers and thought this would be a good place to put this information.  Not nearly all that we receive will be place in this section, but when we think about it we will do an update.

I recently purchased a case knife from you and I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully pleased I am. This was my first purchase from your company and I can assure you that I will be back again and will let my friends know about you company. The Case knife was just beautiful, your pricing very good and was shipped and received very quickly. Again I want to tell you that dealing with your company was a great experience. Thank you very much.
BM 7/3/08
Hi.  I previously bought a knife from your website for my dad's birthday and he was thrilled with the knife and I was very happy with your service.  It is nice to know that with all the websites there are out there that there are still some Christians out there.
AS 7/3/08
This is from xxxxxxxx, and I just wanted to send you a quick thank you.
I've ordered a few knives from you, and have been extremely pleased with your quick shipping, fair pricing and honesty regarding product description.
Today, however, I received a 77 Case blue-scroll stockman I'd ordered from you that made my day. The condition of the knife is great, and that particular model has special meaning for me.
I'd purchased three of them back in 78 for my grandfather, father, and myself. My grandfather and I both lost our knives within a few months of each other in 1991, but my father carried his up until last fall, when he lost his as well.
I've tried to find a replacement for my grandfather and myself for years without any luck, but am pleased beyond words to be able to have one to trade my father on his birthday next month (old family tradition, you never "give" a knife, you "trade" it).
Thank you again,
RM 7/9/08
I received a Bulldog stockman I'd ordered from you, and was very pleased with it.
My nephew liked it so much, I ordered another stag Bulldog stockman for him as well.
I just felt I should let you know that you have helped me locate many knives that truly are making me and my family members very happy.
Thanks again,
RM 7/19/08
I got my delivery yesterday on the Brimstone Model 73.  Wow!  Pix do not do this knife justice.  I am really impressed with it so far.  It was worth the extra week's wait.  Your service is great too.
Let me know when you get some of those Barlow's in.  I have pretty much used up my knife allowance for awhile.  Still one of those Barlow's or the new Case Swayback Jack is calling out to me.  I can hear them in the distance.
Have a great weekend!
GB 8/1/08
i received my bass fever trapper in the mail today. it was just wonderful. it was a real nice surprise to see that it was serial numbered.you guys are just great. keep up the good work. i will be buying more knives from you. thanks again
TR 8/11/08
I received my knife in good order (# CAMLNAHGLB) Transaction ID xxxI wanted to thank you for your quick shipment. The knife is even better than I had anticipated. As I am used to leaving comments on eBay on my somewhat in frequent purchases, I feel compelled to leave you some excellent feedback. It is great to deal with a fellow brother and/or sister in Christ. I will be checking on your site from time to time. Thanks again!!!
MZ 8/20/08
I just wanted to let you know that the knives I ordered from you the Northfield Brimstone Matched Set arrived safe and sound. They actually got here on Monday but there was a mix-up with the mailman. Anyhow I picked them up from the Post Office today.
I am very pleased with them and with service you gave me , top notch. This is the second time I have purchased from you and I am sure I will deal with you again in the future.
Thank You
CM 9/16/08
i received my double linerlock today   and i couldnt be happier ---  i  wish to take this opportunity to thank you for sending  #12....   its a dandy!!!   the backside is even nicer than the shield side--- which blew me away..                                                sincerely and respectfully
JL 9/17/08

I just wanted to drop you a quick line letting you know that I've been really pleased with the recent purchases I've made. I appreciate the fast service and the condition of the knives has been great.
TM 9/30/08
Thanks for the wonderful service and the beautiful knife. It saddens me so much that such knives are almost impossible to find in Southern California. All you find around here are cheap chinese knock-offs that don't compare in the slightest to what I've just received from you.
Keep up the good work. As our governor says, "I'll be back!"
DF 11/12/08
Mike, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the Amber Barnboard NF Scout I recently ordered has arrived. The knife is great, and a real beauty. Can't wait until you get some more Grizzly Bone items in. As it is, I'm eyeing that one blade Scout in Brimstone Bone you have, as well as a couple others. It was a pleasure dealing with you, and speaking with you on the phone. I will be placing many more orders with you. Thanks again for a great transaction, and take care.
DM 11/24/08
RU 12/4/08
I just received my Bulldog (Queen) whittler yesterday.  The fit/finish is probably the best of any of my knives.  The stag has great character with ridges & colors, much better than most American stag (Case).  The delivery was prompt & the price was fair.  All in all, I am very happy with the purchase & would rate you with 100% positive feedback if this was an Ebay transaction.
Thank you very much!
RH 12/6/08
I have just received my Abalone Great Eastern #25 Barlow s/n 13.  Absolutely stunning.  And thank you for the superb safe packaging.  You do a really great job.  I'll recommend you any time as a preferred knife dealer
RG 1/4/09
HI, Just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I am with the knife I just received and the fast shipping. I will be back! Thanks
TS 1/23/09
I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that I liked your outreach page.  I came to your site because a friend gave me a knife that his father had kept in a box and I wanted to find out more about it.  As I was browsing your site, I saw your link for "Are you Saved," and greatly enjoyed reading your page.
I wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work!
I wasn't able to find anything on this knife, but I was able to see people working for the Kingdom, so I'm glad I came to your site.
Be blessed.
Best Regards,
KS 2/17/09
Recently I have made two purchases with you.One was a Case jade bone Congress and the other was a Schatt&Morgan Swing Guard.Just to let you know,I am a totally satisfied customer.You're shipping was lightning fast.Your communication was quick and informitive.Your prices are the best.I look forward to doing business with a totally professional and dependable company such as yours.
BR 2/23/09
Mike, I got the Pearl Seahorse yesterday and it is a beauty!  Many thanks, my friend, for the great shipping, too!
Have a blessed Easter!
DK 3/17/09
Just wanted to say that I have bought a lot of knives from you over the past several years, including one tonight, and I have always been happy with what I got.  Your descriptions are always accurate and your prices are very competitive.  Keep up the good work and THANKS!
EB 4/5/09
The Bulldog Old Stock Stag Square Bolster Stockman (Item # BDMLOSSTSQST) arrived today.  It's a real beauty.  As usual, it's a pleasure doing business with you.
Be Well.
DR 4/13/09
Thank you. I received knife quickly and it was as described. Pleasure to do business with you.
ST 5/12/09
just wanted to say hello. and thank you for the beautiful knife!  once again it is a pleasure to do buisness with you, and will be looking foward to our next deal! if you happen to come across any  pockect worn caribbean blue case knives,.i.e. canoe, butterbean,muscrat,cheetah,or such, please drop me a note!  thanks again....your friend,...
JP 6/18/09
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help this weekend. Your level of customer support was far more than expected. My father in-law was very pleased with his Jim Bowie Canoe. We received the German Eye Canoe yesterday. It was wonderful. When I gave it to my father he showed me the other two he had carried the last twenty-five years. They were worn down to nothing. I informed him that if he wore this one out he may not get another one. The Schatt & Morgan my wife ordered me was great. I resisted the urge to place it in my collection and made it my new EDC. If it performs as well as I know it will,  I will have a greater appreciation of future Schatt & Morgan that I add to my collection. I am glad we decided to do business with Collectorknives, and I am sure there will be more to come. I would also like to commend you on your work for Christ.
NH 6/24/09
I received my knives late yesterday. They were as beautiful as you described. My family and I enjoyed reading the track that came with my knives.
MB 7/16/09
thanks for the awesome knife,.it's better than i could of imagined!  the wifey loves it!as always  thanks again....you the man! you'll be hearing from me soon,gonna get one of them new great easterns, should i say another one. lol   thanks again...your friend
JP 7/17/09
Concerning my previous order for the GEC Elk Stag Muskrat and GEC Knife Picks you sent me, I want to thank you for an outstanding example of nice Elk Stag on both handle scales of that knife.  Most I've seen are pretty fair on one side and pretty plain on the other but the one you sent me is especially nice on both sides.  Much appreciated.  I did not fail to notice that the three knife picks you sent are about as close to a color match for my three Red Wine Bone GEC Stockman knives as can be expected, and as I asked about.  Again much appreciated.  Your prices are not only the lowest in the industry but I have found that your quality control inspection of products and your service are second to none.  I just want you to know that all you do is noticed and appreciated.
DT 8/1/09
I just received my order this afternoon and I can't say how pleased I am with the product (S&M Gunstock and Queen SG) and the fast shipping.  One thing that I really liked about your site was that you give a brief overview on the header that provides a general background on the knives, e.g Rigid knives are a quality made by Canal St. etc.   That is a great feature that demonstrates the quality and thought put into your site.  Unfortunately, I've bookmarked your page and told my wife about it so I'm sure some more business will be coming your way and more cash will be leaving my checking account.  Again, thanks for the quality website, products and shipping.  Have a nice day.
JR 8/7/09
I greatly enjoy collecting pocket knives.  The knife I purchased from you is a wonderful addition to my collection.
Also, it is fun and informative to view all the knives on your website.
     Most importantly though is your outreach to the unsaved and those who don't know Jesus or know anything about HIM.
I wholeheartedly support your efforts and will pray for you to reach many with the Good news of salvation.
    I look forward to visiting your site and purchasing knives in the future.
JH  8/16/09
I really appreciate the fact that you obviously inspect the knives to make sure they are perfect before sending out, mine was a beaut!  I have had problems w other online knife sellers who don't even inspect product from the factory,  and therefore sometimes sell bad quality. I'll be back.
CM 8/19/09
It was a great joy to find the tract by Annie Johnson Flint in with my knives . I am glad you are not afraid to put tracts in your packages not knowing who is on the reciveing end and not worring about offending someone. It was truley a blessing to me. Keep up the good work and may God bless you in every thing you do.
EL 8/31/09
Greetings all at Collector Knives!  I just wanted to say how great it was to find your site online.  Being a Christian and a knife collector too with a brother and a nephew that are ABS certified custom cutlers, it was so great to see a great knife site with an "Are you saved?" link!!  I love Stroebel's n McDowel's apologetics writings, and currently lead an apologetics class at my home church.  Thanks for a great site and blessings to you in your walks with the Lord and your business.
ME 10/23/09
Earlier this week i placed an order for an eye brand stockman, and today i received it.  Thank you so much for such speedy service and a wonderful product.
BF 10/29/09
Just a note to thank you for the three GEC, Northfield knives that arrived in today's mail.  What a beautiful set they make!  I have been enjoying them all afternoon, oiling, polishing and getting to know each of them.  You really made my day!  I thank you very much and I couldn't be more pleased.  I also appreciate the gift of the GEC Knife Key you included.  It is a perfect match for the Blood Red Jigged Bone on the Northfield #12 Toothpick you sent me last week.  It is displayed along side the knife right now.
DT 12/3/09
Just received my QUEEN Cutlery GUNSTOCK folding knife.  (I was going to say "pocket knife" but this one's FAR too beautiful to risk any damage from use)
Into the display case it goes!  AWESOME knife!
5 stars for your pricing
5 stars for your shipping costs
5 stars for your PROMPTNESS (bought another on eBay 2 days before this and I'm STILL waiting for it!)
5 stars because I don't need to worry about offending you in wishing you and yours a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
TW 12/7/09
Good morning! I received my knife Monday-which I had just ordered on Friday!! I wanted to thank you for the speedy service. You also had the best price on the beautiful Queen knife I bought for a Christmas gift. I will be ordereing from you in the future and recommending you to my friends! Thanks again
JW 12/10/09
Just recieved my GEC "SARPNT".  Its a great knife, thanks for everything. When I get the money ill buy more!
JH 12/16/09
Hello! I just received my gorgeous Case rut trapper. The knife is a last-minute Christmas present, so I wanted to thank you for the super fast shipping. You have great prices too, and being able to use Paypal makes shopping fast and easy. I wanted you to know I am a very satisfied customer and I will be shopping with you in the future, as well as recommending you to my friends. Have a great Christmas! Thanks
JW 12/22/09
Received the Dan Burke barlow and the GEC warncliff today and could not be more pleased.  Especially with the barlow.  I like it so much that I may eventually get another. One to carry and one to keep up.
RW 1/4/10
In my order just placed, I'd intended to thank you for the consistent, excellent service.  Also, I believe the rare posts of yours I've seen in various knife-related forums are always thoughtful, measured, and well written.  Your insights are beneficial for folks newer to the hobby such as myself, and your demeanor is commendable.  Here's wishing you & your family continued success & blessings in the New Year!  Best regards,
JG 1/5/10
I received my Great Eastern Stained Green Tea bone Scout this afternoon. It's in perfect shape and looks just like I imagined it would. Thank you very much. You guys are great. I use your website all the time as a reference for price and descriptions.
JM 1/11/10
Just a short note to let you know my order of this past Thursday arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased!  Knives were great, speed was exceptional and the packaging was superb!  I don't purchase many knives, but you can be sure when I do, it will be from you guys!
Again, great job and service!  Many thanks!
TZ 1/11/10
Knives have arrived. May I say what a delight they are, I am absolutely thrilled! Thank you for holding the Case for me for so long. I've been trying to find one like this. The fact that it is from a few years ago makes it all the more special to me, it is a beauty. These knives are for me to admire only, they will never be used. I like to keep things I collect pristine. It won't be very long before I'm shopping with you again; in fact I've already got a couple of ideas.
Once again, I'm thrilled with them.
JR 1/13/10
good morning Mr Latham,my name is xxxxxxxx I wanted to send this email to thank you, I was so pleased with the knives I purchased last week and the service I bought 4 more today,I have been a knife trader and dealer for 40 years and it is a pleasure to meet someone who cares about there customer like I do,have a great day
DB 2/11/10
My new S& M gunstock arrived- I love the knife (as I knew I would), and the winterbottom bone is exceptional.  Thanks for finding it for me!!
BD 2/20/10

I will finish these later when my fingers get the feeling back...